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1. All learning materials must be liked by the students, not by the teachers only.
* All in
iPlayStudy had been updated more than 1000 times until all students were satisfied since 1991.
2. Computer programmer must be the same person who is experienced in teaching.
3. Studying on PAPER is obviously the best method not only for the poor, also for the rich.
4. Test exam sheet generated randomly the same questions, but not the same answers.
5. iPlayStudy lets a student spend 30 minutes, and a teacher spends only a few seconds.
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Surprisingly powerful Learning and Teaching machine! Our main concerns are Speed and Accuracy, not difficulty. Feel free to use a calculator. But, it might be slower. Whole family members can compete one another. Competition is the best method for EDUCATION, in any classroom, at home, or in any group. Remember why 'Wheel of Fortune' and 'Jeopardy' games are so popular(#1) for decades in USA. The most important thing is that you must enjoy. Just try once, you'll be addicted.

Mathematics is the queen of the sciences and arithmetic
[number theory] is the queen of mathematics. - Karl F. Gauss -

Mathematics is the queen of the sciences and
iPlayMath is the queen of mathematics. - Brian Chon -

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